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It’s been approximately two weeks since our new website launched, and I’m happy to report that a number of issues with our new content management system and some general formatting and design glitches have been ironed out. Launching the new site felt — I would imagine — a little like giving birth, but the process of refining and tweaking will be ongoing (kind of like coddling an irritable toddler, I suppose). As the new site amounted to a substantial upgrade, it’s probably going to take a little while before OPERANEWS.COM is firing on all cylinders. We are confident that we’ll get there, and the June issue in particular will undoubtedly be an improvement. Thank you all for your patience!

I encourage those who are curious to check back next week, when we’ll have a video interview with Bryn Terfel live on the homepage. You’ll be able to see and hear him talk about his recent performances as Scarpia in the Met’s new production of Tosca, his new recital disc, “Bad Boys,” as well as some upcoming roles that he’ll be taking on. There will also be a Q&A with composer Jake Heggie, whose new opera adaptation of Moby-Dick has its premiere this month at Dallas Opera.

First things first: a few of you have remarked in the comments that we are missing some recent content from the magazine’s archives — specifically, bits and pieces from issues dating from October 2009. We absolutely intend to make both the print and online-exclusive editions of these issues browsable and searchable in the near future. The reason for the absence of this content is slightly technical (ergo slightly boring): we are are waiting for this material to transfer from our old server and be successfully retrofitted into our new templates. Soon enough, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for from our recent issues. I will be sure to keep you posted via this blog.

Second, included among the aforementioned gaps in our archives are some of the Met broadcast pages that were featured in our April issue, but which cover radio broadcasts during the month of May. We’ve since re-uploaded the remaining broadcasts (Armida, Lulu), and these can be found on the Current Issue’s Table of Contents under “Departments,” which is accessible from the homepage; you’ll also be able to locate a given week’s broadcast in one of the three featured spots under the flash-marquee element on the homepage. The Met’s Armida broadcast of May 1 — also a Live in HD simulcast — is there right now, in the center location.

I’ve also gleaned from the comments that some visitors seem to be having trouble viewing the magazine’s archives, which are, of course, accessible via the “Archives” button in the topmost navigation bar. Those of you encountering difficulties, first please note my above comments about the gaps in our archives. Next, please take note of the discrete “Keyword Search” and “Date Search” tabs at the top of the Archives landing page: these will allow you to find our archival content by whichever method you prefer. The Keyword Search lets you filter results by content type (“Recordings,” “Breaking News” and “Features,” for example), while the date search will allow you to browse old issues by Year, Month and Category (content type). A quick primer: those looking to browse archival issues should first click on the “Date Search” tab, then select a year. Should you want to view all the issues within a given year, select “All Issues” under the category tab; this will allow you to browse the contents of a year’s worth of issues by their covers. If you’d like to get more specific and view a given issue’s “Recordings,” select the year, the month and then “Recordings” under the Category drop-down menu.

Lastly, the “Blogs” portion of the site will continue to develop in upcoming weeks and will feature contributions by some of the other editors at the magazine. We invite your comments, but please note that we have the capacity to remove comments and will do so when necessary.

As always, should you notice anything out of place on the site, please drop an email to explaining your issue and the page where you've encountered it.

Thanks so much to you all, and continue to enjoy the new site.

All best,


Thanks for the heads-up, Adam! The site looks great; I love how easy it is to get to reviews. Can't wait for the Bryn video!
Posted by: Application at 4/29/2010 10:29 AM

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