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The 25 Most Powerful Names in U.S. Opera

With several of U.S. opera's top jobs changing hands this season, F. PAUL DRISCOLL and BRIAN KELLOW offer the short list of the industry's key players in the United States.

The Managers

Director of Vocal Divisions,
Columbia Artists Management, Inc.

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He's like The Eyes of Dr. Eckleburg in The Great Gatsby: he's everywhere. But we decided to let one of the most influential forces in the opera world speak for himself, as he does in the profile in this issue.

Chairman, CEO, Columbia Artists Management, Inc.

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A high roller in the music industry once jokingly referred to him as "The Darth Vader of artist managers." Come to think of it, maybe he wasn't joking. It's an apt description of the board chairman and chief executive officer of Columbia Artists Management, Inc., still the mightiest classical-music corporation in the world. Wilford has history for a middle name. He virtually invented the concept of the conductor as a super-power - a concept that has turned into an undeniable reality. Today, he presides over a business that boasts some of the world's most prominent maestros - such a select roster that they don't even have a listing of their own in the classical-music world's bible, the Musical America directory. In particular, Wilford has made himself an industry-wide power as the chief architect of James Levine's career. A force to be reckoned with - which even the likes of Herbert Breslin and Joseph Volpe would admit.
Senior Vice President and Director/Vocal Division, IMG Artists

Alec Treuhaft
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Formerly a manager at the venerable Columbia Artists Management, Treuhaft decamped in 2000 to join IMG, where he has done impressive work in increasing his company's clout. Treuhaft guides the careers of some of today's most important singers, among them David Daniels, Renée Fleming, Susan Graham, Dawn Upshaw, Audra McDonald, Hei-Kyung Hong, Andrea Gruber, Sondra Radvanovsky and Karita Mattila.

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