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Opera News's digital edition is now available for your iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices.
Have questions about how it works? Find answers here.

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Beginning with our September 2014 issue, you can read Opera News on your iOS or Android device. Each month's new issue will be available to download through our app, and you will receive an in-app alert when each new issue is published. 

The Opera News App

Our apps, which will deliver the digital edition to your device each month, can be downloaded here:

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I am a current print subscriber and would like to access the digital edition.

Current direct-subscribers to the magazine may access the digital edition free of charge by logging in using the information below.


Logging In

1. Download the app onto your device.

2. Open the Opera News app. If you are running iOS 7, the Opera News app can be found within the Newsstand app on your device.

3. Tap the "Subscribed" button in the upper-left-hand corner of the app.

4. You will be prompted to enter a username and password. Note: If you are a current subscriber and have not yet registered on our website, you must do so in order to access the digital edition. Instructions on how to register and create your username/password on OPERANEWS.COM can be found here. If you have already registered with permanent credentials on our website, OPERANEWS.COM — or on MetGuild.org or MetOpera.org — then please use that login and password combination to access the digital edition.

5. Please wait a few moments while your credentials are verified. You will only have to log-in to the app once, unless your subscription information changes. Once your username and password have been accepted, you will see a screen verifying the expiration date of your subscription (format: DD/MM/YYYY). You may now click the X in the upper-right corner of the login screen to return to the app.
Please do not click the "Logout" button unless you wish to change your credentials. 

6. If you have successfully logged-in to the app with valid credentials, you should see "Download" buttons below each issue in the newsstand portion of the app. Click this button to download a given issue. If, instead, you see a "Buy" button below each issue, or receive an error message, please contact us to confirm the status of your subscription. Contact information can be found below.

Additional Questions about the Digital Edition

I entered my login and password, and it says my subscription has expired.
Please contact us to confirm the status of your subscription. Metropolitan Opera Guild members may call (212) 362-0068 or e-mail guild@metopera.org. Direct subscribers may call (866) 400-0545 or e-mail ONScustserv@cdsfulfillment.com.

I forgot my username and password.
Please visit this page if you have forgotten your current username or password.

Can I install the app on multiple devices?
The Opera News app can be installed on as many devices as you like. But you will only be able to access the digital edition with your subscription credentials on a maximum of five devices.

General Digital Edition Questions

How do in-app subscriptions work?
Recurring subscriptions purchased and transacted from within the Opera News app will automatically be renewed until auto-renewal is turned off. Otherwise, Apple or Google Play will bill you at the beginning of each subscription period.

Will buying a subscription as an in-app purchase grant me access to OPERANEWS.COM?
No. An Opera News subscription purchased inside the app will be transacted via the iTunes and Google Play stores. Your purchase — and access to previously purchased issues — will be handled by Apple and Google Play and we will have no identifying information regarding your subscription. To restore issues that were previously purchased within via the app, click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the app and select "In-App Restore."

Can I cancel my digital subscription and receive a prorated refund for the time remaining?
No. It is not possible to receive a prorated refund if you cancel your digital subscription prior to its expiration. 

I am having problems with the app. It is not responding and I am unable to download a new issue.
You may need to restart the Opera News app. Double-click the round home button on the bottom of your iPad, iPhone or Android device, then close the individual app and restart it within the newsstand.

As a subscriber, how will I know when the new issue is available to download?
When a new issue is available, you will receive a notification from the Opera News app as long as it is not currently open and in-use on your device. You can change the notification settings for the Opera News app in iOS by selecting the "Settings" app, then tapping on "Notification center" and selecting "Opera News." In the Android OS, change the notification settings by tapping on "Notification" in the drop-down menu in the upper-right hand corner of the app.

Navigating the App

There are several ways to quickly navigate the digital edition.

Swiping, Pinching and Zooming
You can browse the entire issue of Opera News by swiping right-to-left to progress through the issue. Also tapping on the shaded tab on the lower-right-side of the screen will advance you to the next page; tapping on the shaded tab on the lower-left-side of the screen will take you back to the previous page. Zooming in on a page is accomplished by spreading your fingers apart, and zooming out is done by pinching them together while on a given page. Spread your forefinger and thumb apart to zoom in on text and photos; pinch them to return to a full-page view.

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Previous/Next Page Tabs  Clickable Coverlines  Table of Contents  Swipe to Flip 

Clickable Coverlines
All of the text on an issue's cover — with the exception of our logo — is clickable. Tapping on a given coverline (indicated with red arrows in the graphic above) will immediately take you to that story within the issue.

Table of Contents
Click on the Table of Contents icon Digital Info Table of Contents icon 914 in the navigation bar at the top to view the contents of that issue. Jump from one article to a different section by swiping and tapping.

Swipe to Flip
Click on the Swipe to Flip icon Digital Info Swipe to Flip icon 914 in the navigation bar at the top to quickly navigate an issue by swiping. Jump from one section to another by swiping and tapping the page previews, or by swiping and tapping the section names.