Table Of Contents: March 1994

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Vladimir Chernov at the Met

Vol. 58, No. 12

The Two Worlds of Poulenc
Where Are the Protestants in Stiffelio?
Broadcasts of Stiffelio, Dialogues of the Carmelites

Open Letters
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Why librettist Francesco Maria Piave was one of Verdi's most trusted friends. By MARY JANE PHILLIPS-MATZ
On the Verdi Express
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He may be from Ukraine, but Vladimir Chernov has cut a wide swath through the Italian repertory. By DAVID McKEE
Cafés and Catechisms
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The duality of Pulenc's life also left its mark on his music. By CORI ELLISON
In Review
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Coda: Crutchfield at Large
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Verdi: a Biography by Mary Jane Phillips-Matz, Verdi at the Golden Gate by George Martin, John Dexter: The Honourable Beast-A Posthumous Autobiography
Broadcast of March 12: Dialogues of the Carmelites
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More information
Broadcast of March 5: Stiffelio
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