Metropolitan Opera Guild Luncheon 2015
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Metropolitan Opera Guild Luncheon 2015

The Metropolitan Opera Guild's Eighty-First Annual Membership Luncheon | Waldorf Astoria, November 13
Photographs by Dario Acosta 

MOG Luncheon hdl 216
The crowd in the Waldorf Astoria’s Grand Ballroom
THE METROPOLITAN OPERA GUILD held its eighty-first annual membership luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan on November 13. The Lloyd E. Rigler–Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation was the event’s President’s Circle Sponsor. Met legends Grace Bumbry, Mirella Freni, Sherrill Milnes and Renata Scotto were saluted in song by Plácido Domingo. James Levine and Peter Gelb offered spoken tributes. spacer 
MOG Luncheon Meister lg 216 
Doris P. Meister, president of U.S. markets- Tri-State at BNY Mellon, the luncheon’s corporate sponsor\ 

MOG Luncheon Domingo 2 216 
Plácido Domingo, Barbara Daniels, Sherrill Milnes 

MOG Luncheon 3 216 
Dr. Cora Koppe-Stahrenberg, Susan Battley, Robert Koppe 

Mog Luncheon 4 216 
Winthrop Rutherfurd, Jr., Grace Bumbry  

MOG Luncheon 5 216 
Susan F. Morris, Richard J. Miller, Jr. 

MOG Luncheon 6 216 
Plácido Domingo, Ainhoa Arteta 

MOG Luncheon 7 216 
Richard J. Miller, Jr., Renata Scotto, Peter Gelb, Thomas M. Martin, Doris P. Meister and Thomas J. Hubbard listen to Plácido Domingo 

MOG Luncheon 8 216 
Giovanni Mattera, Denise De Luca, Holley Flagg  

MOG LUncheon 9 216 
Martina Arroyo, George Shirley, Shirley Love 

MOG Luncheon 10 216 
Ainhoa Arteta, Deborah Voigt 

MOG Luncheon 11 216 
James Rigler, Barry Tucker, Marcello Giordani  

MOG Luncheon 12 216 
Ann Ziff 

MOG Luncheon 13 216 
Kelly Foster Shapiro, Catia Z. Chapin, Diane M. Silberstein  

MOG Luncheon 14 216 
Grace Bumbry, Renata Scotto, Sherrill Milnes 

MOG Luncheon 15 216 
Peter Gelb 

Mog LUncheon 16 216 
Ayana Parsons, Dr. Ebbie Parsons, III 

MOG Luncheon 17 216 
Elaine Hochberg 

Mog Luncheon 18 216 
Eugene Kohn and Plácido Domingo 

MOG Luncheon Zaremba la 216 
Christian Zaremba 

MOG Luncheon 20 216 
Dwayne Croft, Johan Reuter and Paul Groves 

MOG LUncheon Nora London hdl 216 
Nora London 

MOG Luncheon Rutherfurds hdl 216 
Mary K. Rutherfurd, Winthrop Rutherfurd, Jr., Leslie Coleman 

MOG Luncheon 21 216 
Marilyn Horne, Richard J. Miller, Jr., Theodore A. Kurz, Harolyn Blackwell 

MOG Luncheon Jane Bryant Quinn 216 
Jane Bryant Quinn 

MOG LUncheon Miano Goren hdl 216 
Lou Miano and Neil Goren 

MOG Luncheon Laciura Soviero lg 216 
Diana Soviero and Anthony Laciura 

MOG Luncheon levine lg 216 
Bumbry, Milnes and James Levine 

MOG Luncheon hdl 22 216 

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