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8 April 2015

The Metropolitan Opera Guild Appoints Thomas M. Martin as Managing Director

The Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Opera Guild is pleased to announce that Thomas M. Martin, current Director of Finance and Administration, has been named Managing Director, effective July 1st. Martin will succeed Stewart Pearce, who will retire after five years of service in that capacity, and thirty nine years with the Metropolitan Opera. In his new position Martin is responsible for overseeing programs, activities, marketing, development, employees and finances.

“The Board of Directors was searching for a Managing Director with a thorough understanding of our needs and complexities,” said Richard J. Miller, Jr., President of the Board of the Metropolitan Opera Guild. "The Guild’s Managing Director serves as its chief operating officer. Over the past three years we have been impressed by Tom’s financial and administrative acumen, which makes him the ideal choice to lead us into our ninth decade as a nonprofit organization.”

Martin joined the Metropolitan Opera Guild as Director of Finance and Administration in September 2012. During his tenure he managed the organization’s finances and oversaw the operation of OPERA NEWS, the world’s premier opera magazine, published by the Guild. Prior to joining the Guild, Martin served as Director of Finance at the Metropolitan Opera Association, Executive Vice President of the Big Apple Circus and Chief Financial Officer of the National Kidney Foundation, Inc., where he restructured financial systems for their national corporate consolidation.

“The Metropolitan Opera Guild has always supported the Metropolitan Opera and worked to cultivate a wider public interest in opera,” added Martin. “Our dynamic programming is geared toward reaching today’s opera lovers as well as developing programs for tomorrow’s audiences. It is my honor to oversee such a dedicated staff and continue their inspiring work in creating new and exciting opportunities for its members and beneficiaries  ̶̶   present and future.”

About The Metropolitan Opera Guild:
The Metropolitan Opera Guild is the world’s premier arts education organization dedicated to enriching people’s lives through the magic and artistry of opera. The Guild fosters personal expression, confidence, literacy and collaboration in children with customized education programs integrated into the curriculum of their schools, and builds a deeper appreciation of opera in adults through workshops and community programs, and by publishing Opera News, the world’s leading opera magazine. Through its unique relationship with the Metropolitan Opera, the Guild offers all audiences unique access to the artists, performances and majesty of one of the world’s most renowned performing arts companies. For more information about The Metropolitan Opera Guild and its programs, visit 

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