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Bidlack will make his Metropolitan Opera debut this season, as Beppe in Pagliacci.

ANDREW BIDLACK ’s schedule these days seems pretty evenly divided between bel canto roles and new works. This month, the Pittsburgh-born lyric tenor is at Opera Omaha for Rossini’s Almaviva; this past June, Bidlack created the role of Irving Tashman in Ricky Ian Gordon’s Morning Star at Cincinnati Opera. Bidlack began 2015 at Dallas Opera, where his heartbreaking performance as doomed mountain-climber Rob Hall dominated the reviews for the world premiere of Joby Talbot’s Everest. “I try to sing everything in the same voice,” Bidlack says. “The different styles all reinforce one another, honestly.” Asked to name a favorite role, Bidlack cites Almaviva — “my first ‘big boy’ role after I finished as an Adler Fellow in San Francisco” — and Rob Hall in Everest. “I enjoy doing new work, because it’s vital to say something to audiences about where we are now. Creating a role gives me a new level of confidence as a singer — I find I’m not as daunted by the challenges of the nineteenth-century repertory. But Everest was singular in every sense of the word. At the end of the opera, there’s an emotionally devastating scene in which Rob, who knows he won’t make it back, talks to his wife [by phone] for the last time, and he names their new daughter. I was thirty-five when I sang that, just about the age Rob was when he died, and I have a daughter who is two now. But if I had put too much of my own experience into that scene, it would have been impossible to sing. Everest was only seventy minutes long, but it was intense.”

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