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Style: Modern Grandeur


Style Modern Grandeur hdl 1015
© Austin Scarlett
Style Scarlett lg 1015
© Caroline P. Digonis
Style Modern Grandeur Leonard lg 1015
Leonard in an Austin Scarlett gown, 2013
© Dario Acosta

How do you dress a twenty-first century prima donna?

Austin Scarlett, whose designs range from couture to costumes for opera and dance, proposes this design for his friend, mezzo Isabel Leonard: “This sculptured gown of hand-painted silk satin organza is designed to complement Isabel’s romantic persona and classic femininity — and to harmonize with the Spanish songs that are an important part of her concert repertoire. Colors of midnight mingled with deep pink suggest a mood of controlled passion, and the gown’s proportions have modern grandeur. The column silhouette is enfolded in a spiral of petals that continue from the floating neckline around the figure, bursting into a full layered train that declares the wearer to be a prima donna.”

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