A Notice from the Editor 

Dear Subscribers,

Some of you have recently reported suspicious phone calls or offers in the mail to renew your subscription to OPERA NEWS. Your uneasiness may be justified. While still rare, fraudulent mailings and phone calls are increasing. We have confirmed that criminal organizations are attempting to represent themselves as OPERA NEWS, asking for a check or credit-card number to renew your subscription. They take your money but cannot deliver the subscription.  

Below is a sample of a fraudulent notice: 

Renewal Notice Copy lg 1213 

These simple guidelines can help you avoid becoming a victim: 

Red Spacer 1213 If your subscription has not expired and you receive a phone call asking for your renewal, it is fraudulent. OPERA NEWS will not telephone you to renew unless your subscription has actually expired.

(NOTE: The notice about subscription fraud on page 5 of the February issue of OPERA NEWS contained incorrect information about OPERA NEWS mailing labels: the date listed on the line above your name on your issue's mailing label is NOT your subscription's expiration date. We apologize for any confusion. As of the March 2014 issue, subscription expiration dates will appear on our mailing labels in four digit format, preceded by the letters EXP DATE. For example, the label for a subscription that expires in April 2015 will read EXP DATE 0415.)  

Red Spacer 1213 Look carefully at mail requests. We do not begin mailing renewal efforts more than about six months before your subscription expires. We will never ask you to write a check to anyone other than OPERA NEWS, and our mailing address on the return envelope should be one of the following:

70 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023 or
P.O. Box 37397 or P.O. Box 37398, Boone, IA 50037

Red Spacer 1213 If you are uncertain about any offer you receive, simply phone us at 212-769-7070. Orders placed through this number are secure. Or you can go online and place your order at www.operanews.com/subscribe.

We sincerely appreciate having you as a faithful reader, and we are eager to help make the experience of subscribing to OPERA NEWS pleasurable. Always feel free to contact us at letters@operanews.comspacer