July 2016

Reviews of the latest opera CDs and DVDs — both remastered reissues of the greats and new recordings by today's most notable artists.

Recordings Bartoli Cover 716Editor's Choice

Best Wishes from Cecilia Bartoli

DVD Button Operas by Mozart and Rossini. Various singers, conductors and orchestras. Arthaus Musik 109177 (2 Blu-rays), 109176 (3 DVDs), 485 mins., subtitles

Blasts from the Recent Past.

A look back at early performances by the unique and cherishable Cecilia Bartoli.

Opera and Oratorio

Recordings Ciupullo Cover 716CIPULLO: After Life
LAITMAN: In Sleep The World is Yours 
Online Exclusive
CD Button Pine, Cook; Orth; Chenovick (Laitman); Hausmann (oboe), Miller (piano); Music of Remembrance, Kirov. English texts. Naxos 8.669036
Recordings Donizettis Duc cover 716DONIZETTI: Le Duc d’Albe
CD ButtonMeade; Spyres, Naouri, Stout, G. Buratto; Hallé Orchestra, Opera Rara Chorus, Elder. Text and translation. Opera Rara ORC54 (2)
Recordings Atarserse cover 716HASSE: Artaserse
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Schiavo, Prina, Bove; Fagioli, Giovannini, Giustiniani; Orchestra Internazionale d’Italia, Rovaris. No text or translation. Dynamic CDS 7715/1-3 (3)
Recordings Video cover 716MOZART: Le Nozze di Figaro
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
DVD Button Röschmann, Magee, Risley; Trekel, Pape, Youn; Chorus and Orchestra of the Staatskapelle Berlin, Barenboim. Production: Langhoff. Arthaus Musik 111111 (Blu-ray), 111110 (2 DVDs), 191 mins., subtitles
Recordings Saul og David lg 716NIELSEN: Saul og David
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
DVD Button A. Petersen; Riis, Kristensen, Reuter, Staugaard; Royal Danis Orchestra and Opera Chorus, Schønwandt. Dacapo 2.110412, 132 mins., subtitled
Recordings Orff Cover 716ORFF: Gisei—Das Opfer
CD Button Zhidkova, Helzel; Brück, McKinny; Chorus and Orchestra of Deutsche Oper Berlin, Lacombe. CPO 777-819-2
Recordings Porpora cover 716PORPORA: Arianna in Nasso
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Fabbricini, Pinti, di Micco, Paparizou; Stamboglis. Orchestra Sinfonica di Savona, Carraro. Libretto and notes on website. Bongiovanni GB 2250/51-2 (2)
Recordings Heure Cover 716RAVEL: L’Heure Espagnole, with Don Quichotte à Dulcinée 
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Druet; Antoun, Lombardo, Barrard, Le Roux, Courjal. Orchestre National de Lyon, Slatkin. Naxos 8.660337
Recordings Scalfi Marcello cover 716SCALFI MARCELLO: Complete Solo Cantatas
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Darryl Taylor; Vinikour, Morgan, Fox. Summaries, in lieu of texts and translations. Naxos 9.70246-47 (2)
Recordings Prince cover 716SHOHAM: Draw Me a Sheep
CD Button Leder, Mannheim; Gruzberg, piano; Li-Ron Choir, Shapira. English translation. Roméo Records 7313
Recordings Worden Cover 716WORDEN: YOU US WE ALL
CD Button Worden, Davis; Landauer, Gerke, Soto; Baroque Orchestration X. No text. Zosima 001

Choral and Song

Recordings Braunfels Cover 716BRAUNFELS: "Lieder, Songs"
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Petersen, Junot; Schneider, piano. German texts only. Capriccio C5251. 
Recordings Castelnuovocover716CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO: "What Think You I Take My Pen in Hand to Record?"
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Settings of Whitman and Shakespeare. Champagne; Lubin, piano. Texts and notes. Oberlin Music CD16-02
Recordings Fairouz cover 716FAIROUZ: No Orpheus
CD Button Lindsey, Duffy; Burchett; various instrumentalists. Texts online only. Naxos 8.559783
Recordings Tenet Cover 716Tenet: "The Secret Lover"
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Greenleaf, Quinn, Warnken Kelsey; Heijink, Swenberg, Weaver, Lee, Grossman. Avie Av 2326
Recordings Viardot Cover 716VIARDOT: "Russian Songs, Twelve Mazurkas (After Chopin)"
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Kancheva, Kader; Tanev, cello; Angelov, piano. Texts and translations. Toccata 0303


Recordings Shih Cover 716I-chiao Shih: "Like The Sky In Rome"
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Songs by Liszt. C. Muller, piano. Texts and translations. GENUIN classics GEN 16402
Recordings Pratt Cover 716Jessica Pratt: "Serenade"
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Scalera, piano. Texts and translations. Opus Arte OA CD9038D
Recordings Ainsley cover 716John Mark Ainsley: "French Connections"
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Music by Berkeley, Poulenc, Heggie, Britten. Martineau, piano. Texts and translations. Linn CKD 477.


Recordings Moffo Cover 716Anna Moffo: "The Complete RCA Recital Albums"
CD Button Moffo; various soloists, orchestras and conductors. RCA 88875032232 (12)
Recordings Puritani Cover 716BELLINI: I Puritani (Excerpts)
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Sutherland, Cole; Kraus, Wolansky, Ghiuselev; San Francisco Opera Orchestra and Chorus, Bonynge. No libretto. IDIS 6711
Recordings Obraztsovacover 716Elena Obraztsova: "Romances and Songs"
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CD Button Kasrashvili; Sviridov, piano. Moscow Chamber Choir, Yurlov Choir, Minin. No texts. Melodiya 10 02420
Recordings Bjorling cover 716Jussi Björling: "October 15, 1959, Copenhagen Concert"
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Arias and songs by Mozart, Bizet, Giordano, Brahms, Liszt, Wolf, Schubert, Peterson-Berger, Alfvén, Sibelius, Grieg, Tosti, R. Strauss. Borkstedt, piano. Bonus: March 10, 1952 Voice of Firestone Broadcast Arias and songs by Puccini, Speaks, Tosit, Herbert, Firestone. Voice of Firestone Orchestra and Chorus, Barlow. No texts or translations. JSP Records JSP 682 (1)
Recordings Sawallisch Cover 716WAGNER: Tristan und Isolde
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CD Button Nilsson, Hoffman, Windgassen, Uhl, Konya, Koch, Saedén, Greindl. Orchestra and Chorus of the Bayreuth Festival, Sawallisch. No text or translation. MYTO 00186 (4).

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