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Recordings Gerzmava Cover 914Hibla Gerzmava: "Soprano"
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spacer Arias, duets and songs by Bellini, Donizetti, Mozart, Rossini and R. Strauss and Verdi With Sogomonian. National Philharmonic Orcehstra of Russia, Spivakov. No texts or translations. Melodiya 10 02212.
Recordings Arise my Muse Cover 914Iestyn Davies: "Arise My Muse"
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spacer Songs and instrumental pieces by Blow, Clarke, Croft, Gabrieli and Purcell. I. Davies. With R. Egarr & Friends. Texts. Wigmore Hall Live 0065
Recordings Tuneful Voice cover 914Iestyn Davies: "Your Tuneful Voice"
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spacer Music by Handel. With Sampson; King's Consort, Robert King. English texts. Vivat 105
Recordings Primosch Cover 914PRIMOSCH: Sacred Songs
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spacer Narucki; Sharp; 21st Century Consort, Kendall. Texts and translations. Bridge 9422
Recordings Demon Cover 814RUBINSTEIN: The Demon
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spacer Lebedeva, Derbina, Grigorieva; Usmanov, Polyakov, Vladimirov; Chorus and Orchestra of the All-Union Radio; Khaikin. Synopsis, no libretto. Melodiya 10 02102 (2)
Recordings Lazarus Cover 914SCHUBERT: Lazarus
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spacer Wegener, Winkel, Harmsen; A. Weller, Lichdi, Berdt; Hofkapelle Stuttgart and Kammerchor Stuttgart, Bernius. Text and translation. Carus 83.293
Recordings Miriways Cover 914TELEMANN: Miriways
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spacer Hofbauer, Martin du Theil, Hierdeis, Aldrian, Drexl; Werger, Volpert, Zenkl; L'Orfeo Barockorchester, Gaigg. Theater Magdeburg. Text and translation. Deutschlandradio Kultur (Classic Produktion Osnabrück) CPO 777 752-2 (2)
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On Broadway thmb 914 Red Hot Mama
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Sharon McNight channels Sophie Tucker at the Metropolitan Room. by BRIAN KELLOW
Hearing Both sides thmb 914Hearing Both Sides
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BRIAN KELLOW speaks with American Opera Projects' composer-in-residence Laura Kaminsky about As One, her musical drama for two singers, which premieres this month at BAM. 

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Current Issue: September 2014 — VOL. 79, NO. 3