Indies Ascending thmb 816Indies Ascending
The ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT is alive and well on the New York opera scene, as the fresh approaches of three of Manhattan’s up-and-coming young producers attest.
by Matthew Sigman. Photographs by Kevin Thomas Garcia. 
Edge of Innovation thmb 816The Edge of Innovation
Progressive impresario BETH MORRISON'S opera-theater creations defy easy categorization—and that’s the way she likes it.
by Adam Wasserman. 
Short Happy Gotham thmb 816The Short, Happy Life of Gotham Chamber Opera
The DEMISE of an enterprising New York company remains a puzzlement.
by Allan Kozinn. 
On the Road thmb 816On the Road with The Industry
Subscribers Only
Avant-garde producer Yuval Sharon experiments with DRIVE-BY OPERA in L.A.
by Matthew Worley. 
Incubator thmb 816The Incubator
Subscribers Only
AMERICAN LYRIC THEATER offers a master’s program in creating new opera.
by Frank J. Oteri. 
New Rules of Engagement thmb 816New Rules of Engagement
Subscribers Only
Director JAMES DARRAH brings an art film to lyric life.
by Matthew Worley. 
Road Show Stober thmb 816Road Show: Heidi Stober in Berlin
Subscribers Only
An AMERICAN SOPRANO loves life in the German capital.
by Eric Myers. 

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