Books Mahler Cover 412Gustav Mahler
Subscribers Only
spacer By Jens Malte Fischer, translated by Stewart Spence
Yale University Press; 766 pp. $50
Books Art and Ideology Cover 512Art and Ideology in European Opera: Essays in Honour of Julian Rushton
Subscribers Only
spacer Edited by Rachel Cowgill, David Cooper, Clive Brown
Boydell Press; 413 pp. $99
Books Carlos Kleiber cover 512Corresponding with Carlos: A Biography of Carlos Kleiber
spacer By Charles Barber
Scarecrow Press; 363 pp. $85
Books Verdi and Wagner cover 512Verdi and/or Wagner
Subscribers Only
spacer By Peter Conrad
Thames & Hudson; 384 pp. $40
Books Castrato Cover 612The Castrato and His Wife
spacer By Helen Berry
Oxford University Press; 299 pp. $29.95

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Current Issue: April 2014 — VOL. 78, NO. 10